is calling

is a worldwide fundraising campaign launched by Luxembourg based nonprofit organization – LUkraine and partners.
Our goal is to help save human lives. Since the full-scale invasion, 1671 fire trucks and 442 ambulances have been destroyed in Ukraine and the numbers are increasing daily!
We are raising €10 million to buy
112 rescue vehicles for Ukraine.

Donate and tell others about us. Any amount of help is life-saving.

Details for bank transfers
Bank : BGL BNP Paribas
Account holder: LUkraine
IBAN: LU88 0030 3148 6966 5000
Currency: EUR
hi, this is LUkraine, the Ukrainian community in Luxembourg. We have launched fundraising to help save Ukrainian lives
isn’t Europe helping already?
Ukraine isn’t making the headlines anymore but -people are still dying every day for their right to live freely
what exactly are you collecting for?
six months of war have destroyed or damaged over 2120 emergency rescue vehicles
442 ambulances
1671 firetrucks damaged or destroyed.
On February 26, Russian troops shot an ambulance near Kherson
On March 20, Russian occupiers blew up a fire engine near Kyiv
On September 1,the Russian occupiers shelled the permanent location of emergency medical teams
how can I help?

we aim to buy



and fire trucks


is calling

is a fundraising campaign run by
LUkraine ASBL is a Luxembourg-based nonprofit that was founded in 2014. Our association unites the Ukrainian Community in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to increase awareness about Ukraine in Luxembourg and contribute to the humanitarian crisis relief in Ukraine.

Over the past six months, LUkraine has focused its activities in the fields of Emergency Response, sending ambulances, life-saving medical equipment and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. We provide informational, psychological and humanitarian aid to refugees in Luxemburg. LUkraine helps with the integration process through language and job seeking courses.

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To make sure proper procedure is applied, we asked a major professional services firm to oversee reconciliation of funds raised and purchases of ambulances and fire trucks.