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Destroyed by russian troops ambulance is exhibited in Austria

This bullet-ridden ambulance, shot in 2022, is a horrifying symbol of russian aggression. Despite their denials, russia’s actions speak volumes—they target civilians, doctors, and rescuers.

With YOUkraine and Unlimited Democracy – Verein zur Förderung der Demokratisierung, as part of LUkraine asbl’s “Ukraine is calling” campaign, we brought this stark evidence to Vienna.

On the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion, the ambulance was exhibited in Vienna’s city center and then in front of the OSCE headquarters, attracting over 16,000 residents and guests to take photos or learn more about it. We consider this a significant achievement because even more people were able to see compelling evidence of russian brutality with their own eyes.

During the demonstration, 16,000 euros were raised. It will be used to purchase a new ambulance to be sent to Ukraine.

We urge all our followers to donate so we can help Ukrainian doctors even more:

Huge thanks to our Austrian partners YOUkraine, Unlimited Democracy, Anna Pattermann, and Solomiia Dmytriv for standing with us in this fight for truth.

Photo: Valerie Maltseva, I_karpenko_photography