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A fire truck and an ambulance reached Nikopol, Dinpropetrovsk region, Ukraine

The first convoy that arrived in Ukraine at the end of 2022 included 16 cars onboard – 12 ambulances and 4 fire trucks. 8 of these vehicles were provided by the Ministry of Interior of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the rest were purchased with individual donations and business contributions of companies based in Luxembourg. All the cars were handed over to the State Emergency Service and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The major part of the cars was sent to front-line cities. Nikopol is located close to the temporarily occupied territories of the Dnipropetrovsk region. Russian troops are based on the front side of the city just across the Dnipro river. Thus, it has been constantly attacked with rockets and missiles. Nikopol Emergency Services and hospitals desperately need rescue vehicles as they are often destroyed while distinguishing the consequences of Russian attacks and innocent people salvation.

So far the city delivered one fire truck and one ambulance, but volunteers promise they will keep supporting Nikopol saviors.

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